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EROS TORSO is a cross-disciplinary collaboration by artist duo Oliver Sundqvist and Frederik Nystrup-Larsen alongside photographer Simon Heger Knudsen for TABLEAU.

Exploring the banal poetic sentiments that can be
derived from a curled-up water bottle with a humble ower, EROS TORSO is a series of one-o vases, made from repurposed plastic containers that have been formed and shaped into the distinctively collaborative form language of Sundqvist and Nystrup-Larsen, emulating the typologies of the water bottle and its ower. With its tweaked, bended and curved nature,
the vases are lled with light upon being struck by the sun
and create a soft prism that allows for the object to exist
in the borderland of plastic bottle and objet d’art.

EROS TORSO arose from the idea of translating something that was conventionally perceived in a temporary context —the water bottle that is used only to be discarded—into a permanent object. Referencing the torso of Eros, the Greek God of attraction, the vases reinterpret a traditional form language through the medium of a contemporary material.

Seeking to depict the works in natural surroundings, TABLEAU, Sundqvist and Nystrup-Larsen transcended the owerful universe of TABLEAU into the vases through a photography book by photographer Simon Heger Knudsen with the idea

of portraying its existence in posterity, once more shining emphasis on the poetic qualities of the naked yet light- lled vase and its soft ower.


"EROS TORSO" is available only in store at Tableau, Store Kongensgade 50, København K 

64 Pages
Soft copy
Printed by Narayana Press in an edition of 300. 

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